Employee Gift Match

Did you know there are hundreds of Minnesota companies that match their employee’s nonprofit donation and offer automatic deduction of a donation to a nonprofit? Did you know that some companies even offer their employees paid time off to volunteer or donate money to a nonprofit organization where a group of their employees volunteer? More and more corporate grantors base their giving priority on whether or not company employees are on a nonprofit’s Board of Directors or volunteer at that organization.

Check out this list of Minnesota companies that offer employee gift matching programs. This list is constantly changing, so talk to your Human Resources department to verify if your company participates. If they do, your company should be able to provide you with the necessary paperwork to get started. You may be able to designate your United Way donation to DARTS, make a one-time donation that is matched by your employer, or donate to DARTS through a periodic automatic payroll deduction. Please consider an employer matched donation to DARTS, multiplying your gift and maximizing your contribution.