DARTS Transportation Services

DARTS has provided services for older adults for over 40 years.  In 1974, DARTS started as a grant program to provide educational opportunities for seniors. Transportation services were soon offered when getting to the classes proved to be a barrier for seniors' participation.

Today, DARTS provides a dependable and comfortable group ride service called DARTS Direct for senior facilities, churches or any organization interested in group outings.

DARTS Direct™ & DARTS Select™ - Group and Individual Rides

  • DARTS Direct™ is designed to accommodate any group outing. Our buses carry as many as 16 riders with additional space for two wheelchair passengers. Ideal for senior housing facilities, senior centers, community centers and churches.
  • DARTS Select™ is a personalized ride for everything from medical appointments to hair appointments. One-on-one service with wheelchair accessible and customized pick-up times.

Driver Training Classes

Need to get STS certified? Need to renew your certification?

DARTS offers professional driver training classes for specialized vehicle operators. All courses offered meet state requirements and are instructed by a state certified trainer.

DARTS Driver Training Classes:

Defensive Driving - A classroom program that highlights the differences between a regular sedan and high profile vehicles and reinforces safe driving habits. (4 hours) Required for STS Certification. Read more »