DARTS connects you with a ride solution any time, for any reason.

DARTS offers three options for getting around town. Read on to find out which service is the right fit for you:

  • Metro Mobility is a shared public transportation service for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-certified riders who are unable to use regular, fixed-route buses due to a disability or health condition. For information on ADA-certification, contact the DARTS service center at 651-602-1111.
    Click here for more information on Metro Mobility.
  • DARTS Community Fleet provides rides to individuals and groups who are unable to find a ride through public transit options (including the two services listed above). Our community fleet also offers Specialized Transportation Services (STS) for non-emergency medical transportation.
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About DARTS transportation services:

DARTS has provided services for older adults for 39 years. In 1974, DARTS started as a grant program to provide educational opportunities for seniors. Transportation services were soon offered when getting to the classes proved to be a barrier for seniors' participation.

DARTS began to provide transportation for any person with a disability in 1979. In 1993, DARTS became the ADA provider for Dakota County. In May 2010, DARTS moved away from a single bus fleet system, becoming the Transit Link contract provider for the Metropolitan Council.

Today, DARTS provides dependable transportation service to riders throughout Dakota County, through the Met Council's Metro Mobility and Transit Link programs, as well as through DARTS own Community Fleet. DARTS drivers are professional, courteous, and trained in accessible vehicle operation.

In addition to ride services, DARTS also offers professional driver training classes for specialized vehicle operators. And the Vehicle Maintenance Services (VMS) program offers an affordable one-stop repair and preventive maintenance shop for organizations operating specialized vehicles for transit-dependent riders.

Driver Training Classes

Need to get STS certified? Need to renew your certification?

DARTS offers professional driver training classes for specialized vehicle operators. All courses offered meet state requirements and are instructed by a state certified trainer.

DARTS Driver Training Classes:

Defensive Driving - A classroom program that highlights the differences between a regular sedan and high profile vehicles and reinforces safe driving habits. (4 hours) Required for STS Certification. Read more »

Ride Services

DARTS provides Metro Mobility and Transit Link ride services in Dakota County through contracts with the Metropolitan Council. DARTS also offers rides through our Community Fleet. Find more information about each of these program below.

Vehicle Maintenance Services (VMS)

For specialized vehicle repair, DARTS VMS is your one-stop shop!

Are you an organization operating specialized vehicles for transit-dependent riders in the Twin Cities?

DARTS Vehicle Maintenance Services (VMS) is a state-of-art garage ready to serve your organization's vehicle needs. Our professional mechanics can service your vehicle's engine, repair wheelchair lifts, replace brakes and tires, and much more. Read more »