Job Positions


DARTS drivers provide rides to older adults, adults with disabilities, and other community residents 365 days a year through all Minnesota seasons. Our drivers operate lift-equipped vans/buses and must pass the following before employment: criminal history background check; chemical screening; and physical exam. Drivers must be able to physically help people using wheelchairs through doorways and up and down ramps and to bend down while securing wheelchairs inside the bus. Classroom training (20 hrs) and in-the-field driver training (40 hrs) are provided.


DARTS homemakers perform general housekeeping assistance for older homeowners. Duties may include sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, washing dishes, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and so on. To qualify you should have a strong interest in working with elders, excellent communication skills, dependable and punctual behavior, a good work ethic, and a caring personality. Homemakers need reliable transportation to get to client homes and must pass a pre-employment background check, including a criminal history check.



Transportation office administrative positions include dispatcher, scheduler, and ride request taker. All positions require excellent communication skills, telephone etiquette, organizational skills, and data entry experience. High school diploma or GED required. Additional experience in radio communication, scheduling, and dispatching required for the dispatcher and scheduler positions, as well as knowledge of the Dakota County/Twin Cities area.

Administrative positions also exist in other divisions at DARTS, including development and community services.


Professional opportunities at DARTS include general operations, transportation planning and implementation, service coordination and geriatric care management, volunteer programs and resources, development, community resources, information technology, and communications and marketing.

How to apply

If you are interested in a position with DARTS, you can apply online by selecting the desired job under "Current Openings".