Caregiver Educational Programs

DARTS offers both community education programs and on-site education for businesses to learn about resources and next-steps in the caregiving process. One-hour sessions include:

Critical Issues in Aging

Housing Decisions -- Housing decisions take on new dimensions as people age.  Learn the pros, cons, and finances of staying at home, independent senior housing, home services, assisted living, and nursing homes.

Financial and Legal Issues -- Power of attorney, specialized insurance, financial needs, and other tough issues are best explored sooner than later.

Dementia and Memory Loss -- Many elders remain alert, yet most fear the loss of memory and reason above all else.  Their families do, too.  Learn about memory loss symptoms and complexities.

Community Resources -- Needs change continually as we age.  Whether you are near or far from your elder, community resources can make life better.  Explore service availability, costs, and benefits.

Strategies for Caregiving

Family Caregiving Strategies -- Learn about resources and strategies that can help maintain everyone's dignity and connectedness.

Critical Conversations -- Good communication strategies help families build cooperation, develop work plans, and make decisions.

Family Dynamics:  Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate? Everyone has personal belongings—such as wedding photographs, a fishing rod, or a yellow pie plate—that contain meaning for them. Plans for passing on such items can be challenging, and may lead to family conflict. Learn practical information about inheriting personal property and identify key factors in planning the transfer of family property.

All community sessions are presented by DARTS professionals and include a question-and-answer period.  They are supported by funding from the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging (through the federal Older Americans Act) and the Greater Twin Cities United Way. 

To learn more, call or email Tabatha at 651-234-2248.