Home Services

A little practical assistance or support can make a world of difference in an older person's ability to maintain independence and enjoy life at home. DARTS staff and volunteers can help with everything from household chores to accomplishing daily errands to enjoying the company of a visitor.

Housekeeping Services

DARTS understands the importance of home. We make it possible for people to live comfortably in their homes and stay connected to their communities by providing practical, reliable help with basic household chores, such as: Read more »

Outdoor Chores

Older homeowners may struggle to keep up with basic outdoor chores, such as shoveling, mowing, raking, garden clean-up, and window washing. DARTS offers a network of caring, dependable workers who can complete these chores. The DARTS Outdoor Chores team is an affordable option for keeping your home in top shape. Volunteer corporate and community groups often perform the chores under the supervision of the DARTS outdoor chore coordinator. Chores are provided on a sliding-scale fee (based on the homeowner's income). Read more »

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Home Repairs

DARTS offers a fee-based handyperson service for older homeowners who need assistance with household tasks that aren't cleaning in nature, such as replacing bath and kitchen fixtures or lights, installing a handrail, or replacing light bulbs that require standing on a ladder. To learn more about using this service, call 651.455-1560 or e-mail

Are you a citizen of Lakeville that's over 62 years of age and interested in Home Repair? Jan is the answer to your questions!

Home Modification

DARTS offers home modification assessment and construction service for older adults so they can continue to live in their homes safely and with increased mobility and accessibility.

Our assessments take the following areas into consideration.

Use of assistive devices - We identify opportunities for supporting and assistive devices in regard to hand rails, wooden steps, loose flooring, shower grab bars, etc. Read more »