Home Modification

DARTS offers home modification assessment and construction service for older adults so they can continue to live in their homes safely and with increased mobility and accessibility.

Our assessments take the following areas into consideration.

Use of assistive devices - We identify opportunities for supporting and assistive devices in regard to hand rails, wooden steps, loose flooring, shower grab bars, etc.

Safety - We assess for fall prevention. Three of the key areas we look at include: 1) potentially hazardous objects in the home; 2) appropriate lighting in all of the living spaces; 3) planning and installation of assistance devices.

Organization - We help with home organization as a safety issue. We look at traffic patterns and furnishings in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, hallways and stairways to identify potential hazards.

Lighting and electrical - We assess types of lighting and location for reach and facility of use. We help our clients plan lighting access and prepare back-up plans in case of power outages.

Interior and exterior accessibility - We assess the need and placement of home ramps and/or lifts.

To learn more about using this service, call 651.455-1560 or e-mail