Outdoor Chores

Older homeowners may struggle to keep up with basic outdoor chores, such as shoveling, mowing, raking, garden clean-up, and window washing. DARTS offers a network of caring, dependable workers who can complete these chores. The DARTS Outdoor Chores team is an affordable option for keeping your home in top shape. Volunteer corporate and community groups often perform the chores under the supervision of the DARTS outdoor chore coordinator. Chores are provided on a sliding-scale fee (based on the homeowner's income). For more information about using this service, call 651.455.1560 or e-mail. If you're interested in outdoor chore volunteering, click here!

Corporate volunteer groups are a mainstay for accomplishing the outdoor chores of older homeowners who seek assistance from DARTS.  David Braun talks about what it means for his company.

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