It's Not Too Early to Plan for Fall!

Gather friends, family, and co-workers or sign up yourself to help a senior clean up their yard this fall.

Just a couple of hours of your time will help an older adult brace for winter.

To sign up, contact 651-455-1560 or email info@darts1.org.

A few times each week, Stephanie and Tad get together for a couple of hours. They both enjoy working on jigsaw puzzles and recently finished a 2,000-piece puzzle that took them nearly four months to complete. They’re also both Wheel of Fortune fans and watch the show together whenever they can. They talk about the past and places they’ve visited. All in all, their conversations are about the same things you talk about with your friends, yet their relationship is a bit unique: Tad is a 93-year-old father who lives with his daughter and Stephanie is a “respite” volunteer with DARTS.