Learning Buddies Portraits

A Triple Dose of Volunteering at Somerset Elementary

Three amazing Learning Buddies named Bob, Kaye and Peg volunteer in a 2nd grade classroom each week to help students with math. The class splits into groups of 4-5 students and each volunteer takes a group. One morning, the groups read a book incorporating a hands-on math activity for the students to complete while the book was read to them. One book was about baking cookies, lemon pie and muffins and highlighted the concept of fractions. The second book was about sea life and incorporated multiplication facts throughout the story. Read more »

Eight Years and Counting...

This is Yvonne’s eighth year as a Learning Buddy and she has been volunteering with the same teacher since her first year! Yvonne spends one hour each week at an elementary school in South St. Paul reading one-on-one with a 2nd grade class. Before the school year, Yvonne gets a class list so she can make individual bookmarks for the students with their names carefully printed on each on. She said it helps her to learn there names and they love having their very own bookmark! After students finish reading with her, they can pick out a sticker to place on their bookmark. Read more »

Making a Difference in Students' Math Skills!

This is Arlie’s second year as a DARTS Learning Buddy and he volunteers in a 4th grade classroom in an Apple Valley elementary school. This is also the school where his children attended and he lives so close that he is able to walk! When visiting Arlie I had the opportunity to see how excited the students were to see him! As they walked into the classroom, many gave Arlie high fives and greeted him with warm smiles. Arlie works with students in groups of 3 or 4 to help with their math skills. Read more »

Math, Manipulatives and Making a Difference!

No day is ever the same when Jeff volunteers in three 2-3rd grade split classrooms at an elementary school in Burnsville! One day he may work one-on-one with a student and the next he may work in small groups. What Jeff knows for sure is that he enjoys being with the students each week to help enhance their math skills. He gets all of the support he needs from the teacher who has items prepared for him each time he arrives, which include using manipulatives to reinforce skills already taught or play math games to strenghten students' math facts. Read more »

Full STEAM Ahead!

I first met Barb when she attended a presentation at the Apple Valley Senior Center to learn more about the Learning Buddies Program. Soon after we met, I learned that she is a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 3! She had volunteered with the 4H Club and has also been a hospice volunteer, which led to her become the coordinator for all the hospice volunteers for nearly ten years. Barb is a go-getter and began volunteering as a Learning Buddy at Glacier Hills and Westview Elementary in District 196.
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