Volunteer Portraits

Going Above and Beyond

By Patrice Peterson | May 26th, 2016

          Volunteering gives Kathy Grovum “a reason and a purpose for getting up and doing something,” but her approach to volunteering goes beyond answering phones,  gathering information, and directing people to resources. She also finds solutions to problems.

          Kathy spends every Wednesday morning at DARTS, and she also volunteers at Neighbors, Inc. and Second Harvest Heartland’s Snap program. Read more »

Teamwork Lightens the Load

By Patrice Peterson | June 22nd, 2016  

            Four Thomson-Reuters employees are incorporating the time-honored concept of teamwork to help a senior Eagan resident stay in her home by mowing her lawn this season. Read more »

Still Going Strong at 90

By Patrice Peterson | February 23, 2016 

          Volunteering keeps Dorrine Spatafore busy. Bowling keeps her active. And spending time with her great-granddaughters keeps her young.

At 90 years of age, she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Read more »

A Family of Snow Angels

A Family of Snow Angels

By Patrice Peterson 

           Three years ago, Jim and Jodi Ousley began looking for volunteer projects with their daughter, Madison, and son, Hayden. Giving back to others was initially encouraged through the children’s schools, but now each time the four of them volunteer together, it turns into a special event they refer to as “Forced Family Fun Time.” Read more »

An Ongoing Commitment to Giving Back

Volunteering has always played a significant role in Patty Pirkl’s life.

“When I’m not volunteering, something is missing,” she says.

In the past, most of that volunteering included working with children – as a Girl Scout leader, an elementary enrichment math tutor, and a Sunday School teacher, among other things. When traveling to an orphanage on a mission trip to Mexico a few years ago, though, she experienced an “aha” moment that at this point in her life, she truly wanted and needed to work with the elderly. Read more »