Helping Students Read at All Different Levels!

Mary is a first year Learning Buddy and volunteers at an elementary school in Lakeville. She spends one-on-one time with Kindergarten students reading and helping them take a comprehension test after they finish their book.

The first little boy read a Curious George book where George visits a museum. The little boy would read a page and then Mary would read a page. The second student read the entire book himself and the little girl who followed was reading a chapter book independently to Mary. The last Kindergartener was a quiet and sweet little girl who was reading a Jan Brett book. She was so careful to read each word and loved looking at all of the books illustrations, which are quite detailed and elaborate.

All of the students enjoyed reading with Mary and Mary did a wonderful job modeling and reinforcing good reading skills with the students.

Thanks for all that you do as a Learning Buddy, Mary!