Sharing a Love of Reading!

This is Madonna's first year as a Learning Buddy but she has always been passionate about helping students read and as a former educator, Madonna is a natural with the students! As a buddy, she helps students with reading in two classrooms at a Burnsville elementary school. The students take turns reading to Madonna from their leveled books.

When Madonna arrived, one 1st grade girl ran up to her and asked if she could read with Madonna first; she was so excited to get started! The two began and talked about the book as the little girl read to Madonna. They had such a wonderful time reading and discussing the book, the little girl wanted to keep reading even when it was time for the next student to begin reading. Madonna has such a kind and gentle way with the little ones and clearly they look forward to seeing her each week.

Thank you, Madonna for all you do to help the 1st graders with their reading!