A Triple Dose of Volunteering at Somerset Elementary

Three amazing Learning Buddies named Bob, Kaye and Peg volunteer in a 2nd grade classroom each week to help students with math. The class splits into groups of 4-5 students and each volunteer takes a group. One morning, the groups read a book incorporating a hands-on math activity for the students to complete while the book was read to them. One book was about baking cookies, lemon pie and muffins and highlighted the concept of fractions. The second book was about sea life and incorporated multiplication facts throughout the story. The third group was extra special that day because Bob had just returned from a biking trip to Texas. He came to the classroom wearing biking gear and brought a few pictures from his trip including a Texas longhorn. He used maps of the U.S. to talk about how far it is from MN to TX and how many Minnesota’s could fit into Texas. He also asked students story problems that he created for the students to solve, which also related to his trip. It’s hard to know who had the most fun, the students or the volunteers!